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YOung warriors

Skills, discipline, and fun!

To us, our youth program is the most important thing we do. All of our coaches can attest to how martial arts has changed their lives, and for those who started at a young age martial arts training played a major role in their development as people. For many of us the gym became a family that helped us grow through difficult times in childhood, and we want to help kids overcome adversity and grow into happy, morally upright people. Training the next generation of leaders is our passion!


We aim to teach practical skills and let kids have fun, but we believe our primary goal when training kids should be developing positive character traits. We use physical training as a vehicle to teach self-discipline, honesty and integrity, perseverance, humility, teamwork, and a host of other virtues. Students are given assignments and held personally responsible for certain tasks to prepare them for adult life. Later in the program, students are given leadership opportunities to improve their confidence and give greater purpose to their training.

YOUTH Muay thai

YOUTH Muay thai

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is the national sport of Thailand and has a long history of developing athletes with strong character. We continue that legacy at DFW Combat by providing a fun, safe atmosphere for kids to grow and train; learning the sport of Muay Thai to improve themselves. We teach traditional Thai Boxing techniques and use exercises proven to help young athletes develop strength and coordination. We use partnered drills and closely monitored sparring practice to build confidence and get athletes used to contact. 

Students are encouraged (but not required) to participate in local tournaments. We are also affiliated with the US Muay Thai Federation, which has a Youth Development League designed to give young athletes a chance to compete in a fun, safe atmosphere that gives real, useful feedback to kids. 


7-13 years

Coach George Stallworth

Coach George Stallworth

Coach George is a full-time, professional coach and personal trainer who is dedicated towards training the next generation of Muay Thai athletes. He has nearly a decade of coaching experience in Thai Boxing and has coached amateur and professional fighters alike. George is a tremendous asset to the DFW Combat team and has a wealth of knowledge to share!

Our youth program has four main areas of focus:


Physical Fitness



Speed and agility

Healthy habits (sleep, nutrition, etc.)

Practical Self Defense

Dealing with bullies

Fighting off kidnappers

Responding to critical events

Combat Sports Skills and Drills

Learning teamwork and sportsmanship

Developing skills for boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ

Engage in youth competition events

Citizenship and Personal Development




Respect and Obedience

Self Control


Indomitable Spirit

At DFW Combat Co. we believe each child should have the chance to realize their full potential, and we see it as our privilege to help them. Though we want to teach them good martial arts skills, our real goal is to make them better, healthier, happier human beings.

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