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health and safety

As an MMA, fitness, and self defense gym we can only continue to operate if we do so with safety as our top priority, so we have taken multiple steps to insure that we can provide high quality training while also minimizing unnecessary risks. These rules and procedures are meant to be simple and easy to follow, while also providing redundancy where possible so there isn't one single point of failure. Our staff are regularly trained to stay on top of new issues and to make sure we are consistent. Students play a major role in our safety policies, so if you are a member you will be asked to help monitor safety for the benefit of everyone in class.


Women's self defense
  1. Everyone in class is responsible for their safety and for that of their training partners. If you see a safety risk it should be brought to the attention of a staff member immediately.

  2. When an instructor calls "time" everything stops. Do not talk over instruction. Put cell phones away until after class.

  3. Students must have their own training equipment that is appropriate to each class. Students without their own gear will not be allowed to participate.

  4. Loose jewelry or clothing items that pose a risk in training will not be allowed.

cleaning / hygeine

Self defense classes
  1. All training equipment is cleaned and stored properly at the end of training. We use a commercial-grade disinfectant that is effective against Staphylococcus aureus  and other common pathogens including SARS-cov-2.

  2. Our training mats are also cleaned at the end of each block of classes with a similar commercial-grade mat cleaner

  3. No "outside shoes" on the mat. Students are required to train barefoot or in shoes that are only worn on the training mats. If you're going to the restroom please wear your regular shoes. At the gym, flip-flops are your friends.

  4. Students are required to have good hygiene. Keep nails trimmed, avoid wearing strong colognes or perfumes, 

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