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Dress code

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In order to promote a sense of pride in our accomplishments as a team and to make sure everyone has attire adequate to the training at hand, we have the following dress code requirements for each class:

Krav Maga (including youth), Combatives, Ground Survival, MMA - team t-shirt or rashguard (please no sleeveless shirts)
Muay Thai (including youth) - Thai shorts and team shirt
BJJ (including youth) - team rashguard or gi with team patches
Fitness, Boxing - team t-shirt, tank top, or rashguard

"Team" refers to DFW Combat Co. brand or affiliated brands: Krav Maga DFW, Darkside MMA, Gilson Nunes BJJ, Checkmat USA, Krav Maga Alliance, etc. 

Please do not wear logos from other gyms. We're here as one team, to train together, show solidarity with and support one another, and to show that effort to others.  

Wear your colors and show your pride!

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