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SPARbecue 2023


It's back!

DFW Combat Co welcomes you for another opportunity for some great training, great food, and awesome exhibition fights. 

Day 1: training seminars with expert coaches! In past years we've had courses on boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, emergency trauma medicine, and more. This year's seminars are themed around mass casualty events like active shooter/attacker, natural disaster, etc. We will train some essential life saving techniques, preparedness and personal strategy, and how to fight in such situations if you have to.

Day 2: exhibition fights! We welcome athletes from local Muay Thai and boxing gyms, along with any affiliated gyms. This will satisfy the Fight Requirement for Krav Maga Alliance black belts, and it's also excellent practice for newer athletes.

Spectators welcome!

may 27th/28th 2023

- 3pm

*Weigh-ins 10:00am
*(MANDATORY) for all competitors and coaches

Bouts start 11:00am

Regular price $99
Early Bird (UNTIL 5/1): $79


Please fill out the form below to complete your registration and to give us your info for matchmaking. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE BY 5/1/23 or you may not be eligible to compete. More complete rules are also in the link below.

Barbecue Only


$25 per person

If you're just interested in eating a plate of barbecue instead of training, we've got you covered! Simply click the link below.


Design District
131 Express St

Dallas, TX 75207

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