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Where dedication meets excellence

determined man escaping from dogpile in a training exercise

training bodies, transforming lives.

Krav Maga

two men training knife self defense techniques

Practical self defense for the modern world.


Combine the best features of combat sports for a practical, effective self defense system anyone can learn.

muay thai

man kicking training partner in muay thai class

Master the Art of 8 Limbs. Gain focus and strength by learning the art of Muay Thai.

Whether you're looking for competition or just self-improvement, we're in your corner.


woman training position drills with training partner in brazilian jiu jitsu class

Comprehensive grappling for self defense or sport.


Learning BJJ will give you the confidence to deal with a larger attacker, and your training partners will be come your friends for life.


fit woman posing and looking at camera

Have a specific fitness goal? Want to lose weight, gain muscle, trim up, tone, etc? You'll have fun and get in great shape even if you're not involved in our other programs.


coach helping young student prepare for competition inside boxing ring

Turn your kids into young warriors. Sharpen their minds, bodies, and spirits with a program that teaches physical skills as well as citizenship.

trained by coaches who care

our team sitting on boxing ring and taking a selfie while smiling

 At many gyms you're just a number. Have you felt frustrated with overcrowded, impersonal gyms that don't provide the support you need to succeed? If so, you're not alone. Many individuals face these challenges when trying to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

It can be discouraging when you put in effort at the gym but don't see the results you desire. Maintaining motivation and staying consistent can be an ongoing battle, especially without the right guidance and support. The lack of a personalized training plan can lead to wasted time and energy on ineffective exercises. Plus,  improper form and lack of professional guidance can lead to injuries and delayed progress.

At DFW Combat Co., we understand the frustrations and obstacles you face on your fitness journey. That's why we've designed our gym and structured our programs to provide you with the ultimate solution to these challenges.

making awesome look easy


We've helped thousands of people just like you get fit, feel safe, and find their confidence.

“The instructors are ace. The members are focussed and generous and welcoming to newbies. They just got some new programming and I can't wait to learn the new stuff.” 

 Ashley T.

"Cannot say enough good things about this place. Love everyone here, instructors are awesome and push you to your full potential!"

Cesar M

“Learn a great skill set from amazing instructors that have proven through and through that they care about their students' success. All of this is coupled with a great community and convenient locale. You can't find a better place” 

Brent R


male trainer giving high five to female student and both are smiling

about dfw combat co.

We have been training people in Dallas since 1999, and helping people reach their potential is our greatest passion. We have created an atmosphere where anyone is welcome and where everyone can grow. We're here to support you on your way to finding your inner strength.

We believe martial arts and physical training can improve all aspects of a person's life, and we want to be around other people with the same goals.

If you're looking to be around coaches and teammates that want to work together to help each other towards self-improvement, come join our team!

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