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Prof. Gilson is a lifetime practitioner of martial arts and is currently one of the best practitioners in the world. Having won multiple world championship titles as well as a host of other accolades, Gilson is excited to share his knowledge and techniques with the next generation of Jiu Jitsu students.



Raising and empowering young grappling athletes

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches young athletes the fundamentals of grappling, which is an essential skill for self defense. They will learn how to discipline their minds and bodies to achieve hard training goals, and will have the opportunity to compete if they choose to. Give your kids the gift of self confidence in this fun, practical, and enriching sport!

Ages 9 -13

Gi and belt required

Program Goals

Good citizenship skills - respect, discipline, sportsmanship

Develop strong young athletes

Promote healthy life skills (diet, sleep, etc.)

Prepare athletes for competition (if they choose)


Traditional Muay Thai techniques from beginner to advanced level

Partnered drills with other students

Monitored "fun" sparring with coaches and other students

At DFW Combat, we want to help each student reach their fullest potential. We encourage students to compete because it pushes them to their limits and helps them overcome their fears, but we will never force your child to compete if they don't want to. We want to share the sport we love and help your kids become stronger, happier, and healthier!

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