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Back-to-school self defense for women

Looking to get a little peace of mind for yourself or young women you know as they head back to school? This time is always filled with uncertainty and risk as our young people acclimate to their new surroundings and meet new people.

This course is meant to provide simple, yet effective training to arm our students with skills that may save their lives. Over the course of 4 weeks we will discuss several topics:

Practical Defensive Mindset

Situational Awareness

Basic Striking

Basic Grappling

Basic Weapons Defenses

Role Playing and Assertiveness Training

Each class will be taught by an experienced, certified Krav Maga instructor and will be separate from our normal classes. In short, we've tried to package together everything you would need while leaving out anything you don't. 

Back to School Seminar for Women

Ages 13+

Tue/Th at 4:30pm

July 18th - Aug 11th


(early bird $179 until 7/11)


DFW Combat Design District

131 Express St

Dallas, TX 75010



Meet Elizabeth Grimm


Elizabeth is one of our home-grown coaches who has taken teaching and training as a passion and is now training others full time. She has been training at DFW Combat for years and after completing multiple levels of instructor certification she is now eligible to test for her Krav Maga black belt this year. She is also an active Muay Thai athlete and coach, having competed in multiple local competitions. Elizabeth has also played a major role in coaching the other members of our fight team, and she also coaches our youth classes and is a certified yoga instructor.

We're proud to present Elizabeth for this training seminar, as she is a living example of how hard work and dedication to martial arts training can pay off!

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