Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Comprehensive, Effective Grappling for Sport or Self Defense

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has roots in traditional Judo fundamentals and has since been adapted into its own sport. Codified in Brazil under the Gracie family, BJJ teaches how to control or disable another person through takedowns, pins, joint locks, and chokes. Proper technique involves an understanding of leverage and basic principles of biomechanics and physics, and a skilled practitioner can effectively neutralize a much larger and/or stronger opponent. 

Beyond that, BJJ is an entirely unique culture within the martial arts world. At our gym you'll be welcomed onto our team, and during training egos are left at the door. Training is meant to benefit everyone, and many lifelong friendships have been made on the mat. 

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BJJ for men and women

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • In this traditional BJJ class you will learn essential techniques while wearing a gi

  • Competition-style training gets you in great shape and helps you form a winning strategy

  • Beginners are welcome! BJJ can be intimidating at first but our students and instructors are more than happy to help you out.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

No-gi BJJ

  • Apply your grappling techniques without the use of the gi.

  • Success depends on position, effective use of body weight, and gripping the wrist, elbow, shoulder, etc. and not cloth

MMA Training

Ground Survival

  • Not a BJJ class, per se, but a mix of grappling and striking concepts

  • Mix takedowns with ground-and-pound, and occasionally bring weapons and multiple attackers to the fight

  • Work stand-up grappling, throws, sweeps and takedowns, ground position and movement, and more

  • Street self defense-oriented grappling class

  • This class is included in both the Combat Sports and Krav Maga memberships


Prof. Gilson Nunes

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Gelio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Roberto Traven > Carlos David > Ronaldo Cruz > Gilson Nunes

Gilson "Nenem" Nunes was born in the city of Fortaleza, in the North of Brazil, and would start his jiu jitsu training at the age of 12 under coach Paulo Ivano. Incredibly, the young Nunes would compete just one week after starting his training and win his division. Through the years of his continued martial arts training Gilson would also cross-train in boxing and Muay Thai, now boasting a 3-1 record in MMA. 

Afer earning his black belt under Ronaldo Cruz and Paolo Ivano Gilson would move to the US and open an affiliate under Team Checkmat in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Prof. Nunes is now the full-time head coach of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program at Krav Maga DFW.

Gilson's grappling record includes over 150 victories as a black belt and counting.

Main Achievements:

CBJJE World Championships Champion (2009)

IBJJF Sao Paulo Pro Champion (2016)

IBJJF Manaus International Open Champion (2015)

IBJJF Atlanta Winter International Open Champion (2017)

IBJJF Miami Fall International Open Champion (2016)

IBJJF Charlotte International Open Champion (2016)

IBJJF Mexico City International Open Champion (2017)

IBJJF Mexico City International No-Gi Open Champion (2017)

CBLP Champion (2016)

IBJJF Sao Paulo Pro Championship Runner-up (2016)

IBJJF Rio International Open Championship Runner-up (2015)

IBJJF Pans Championship 3rd Place (2018)

IBJJF New York Pro Championship 3rd Place (2016)

IBJJF Dallas Spring International Open Champion (2017)

IBJJF Atlanta Spring International Open Champion (2017)

IBJJF Miami Spring International Open Champion (2017)

IBJJF New York Summer International Open Champion (2017)

IBJJF Austin International Open - 2nd Place (2017)

CBLP World Championships Champion (2017)

IBJJF Atlanta Winter International Open - 2nd Place (2018)

IBJJF Denver International Open Champion (2018)

IBJJF Atlanta Spring International Open Champion (2018)

IBJJF Dallas Spring International Open (2018)

IBJJF Miami Spring International Open (2018)

IBJJF Nashville International Open (2018)

Fight to Win Pro 35 Superfights - Dallas - Champion (2018)

Fight to Win Pro 67 Superfights - New Orleans - Champion (2018)

Fight to Win Pro 87 Superfights - Dallas - Champion (2018)

Abu Dhabi World Pro Championships - 3rd Place

Jiu Jitsu World League Gi/No-Gi Champion (2018)

IBJJF Seattle Open Champion (2019)

IBJJF Dallas Summer Open Champion (2019)

IBJJF Phoenix Open Champion (2019)

IBJJF Twin Cities Open Champion (2019)

IBJJF Kansas City Open Champion - Double Gold (2019)

IBJJF Worlds Masters Champion (2020)
IBJJF Pan American Champion (2020)

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Krav Maga DFW, its athletes, and Prof. Nunes are all proud members of Team Checkmat, an internationally recognized network of affiliate gyms and competition team. Checkmat boasts multiple world championship titles with the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, Abu Dhabi Combat Club, Brazilian National Tournament, and other prestigious competitions. Through Checkmat we are held to a higher standard as practitioners and competitors in BJJ, and together we grow stronger!